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Hello to engaged
Goodbye to dull meeting notes.

Welcome to Bee’s hive of Graphic Recording and Visual Facilitation.

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Welcome to the hive.

Welcome to the hive of live event illustration, graphic recording and visual communication. Here we treat companies and organisations as sentient beings. Let’s bring in vibrant and dynamic visuals that capture the essence and “nectar” of your conversations in real time.
Make meetings & conferences memorable and create buzz!

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Hi! I’m Bianca (called Bee), a visual bee-ing. I have a passion for everything visual that moves the world forward and makes it brighter.

I create sticky-to-the-mind visuals for events, companies, ngo’s and entrepreneurs around the world.

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You are in good company

Over the past two years, Bianca has consistently produced work that has added unique value during and beyond multiple engagements.
Furthermore, she is a genuine pleasure to work with and very committed to making an impact.

Graham KirkLeadership Development

You smashed it again! [Clients] were surprised, in love and asked for cropped details to praise in media.

Peter DayCo-facilitator

I have worked with Bianca as a participant in a few months training with the University of Arizona. I certainly recommend Bianca’s work for any organization wanting to improve engagement, we all felt identified with the art she creates.

Rodolfo Velacorporate governance

Benefits that contribute to the ROI of your event

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Step in for an engaging visual experience with that human inspiring touch!

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